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Java Programming Books Reviews

Java is one of important programming language in big data ecosystem. Here, I recommand some great Java resource and books, which are very useful for big data development. Java Quick Syntax Reference

Apache Spark Books Reviews

Apache Spark Cookbook Level Ent. Level Mid. Level Adv. I have completed the reading of this book on Dec. 2015. This is really a great a book of learning Apache Spark. It does not spend too

Scala Programming Books Reviews

Begining Scala 2nd ed Level Ent. Level Mid. Read complete this book@Oct. 2014. This book has very quick style of explaining scala with many detail examples. Even some examples has code defect a

Big Data Books Reviews

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide Level Ent. Level Mid. Level Adv. Read complete this book@Dec. 2012. This is a really a good Hadoop book to recommend. I have read both 2nd and 3rd edition. The lates