Tableau Your Big Data

Above presentation is the second topic I have covered for series of talks about the Ten Tools for Ten Big Data Areas. Tableau is one of few commercial soft that I have to recommend in the visualization area for big data.

The term visualization becomes very popular when tableau software comes into the picture. As I remember, It was four or five years ago. When we first time to see how business intelligence can be like this and how data visualization looks like. Tableau software comes up the concept of self BI or BI without developers. This really scares me as I am a developer. But later, I have said it is correct. With the help of tableau, people can more focus on the meaning of data instead the old ways we deal with reporting. In addition, it is amazing fast speed and user experience makes it top notch in the data visualization domain and business intelligence. In recent years, we can see lots of traditional BI company start doing what was tableau doing, but it is clear it is far more away in terms of performance and sense of experience.

Tableau is very first few of tools which provide connectors for big data from Hadoop Hive connector, impala, to Spark SQL. Tableau also announced new direct-connection capabilities with InfoSphere BigInsights from IBM, along with new beta connectors for Amazon Elastic MapReduce from Amazon Web Services Inc.